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**Demo has been removed; game play has been updated beyond what was shown in the demo**

AxiomShift is a Fantasy Roleplaying Game about choice and morals with a unique traveling system.

AxiomShift takes a step backward and reevaluates many of the aspects of JRPGs and seeks to redefine a new system in place of grueling monotonous systems like over the top grinding and item collection while maintaining a smooth flow for the story and character progression so the experience feels engaging as a story while attempting to award players with growth and gameplay. This game is different from your standard 'JRPG'.

Chandler, Prince of Ebonreach, having ended a recent war with the Solaran tribes of the eastern deserts is seeking an alliance with the magical country Mystria in the north, who helped him win the war. He returns home to uncover a dark force working in secret behind the scenes. Work to uncover the truth of what is going on. There are many strings at play and different paths to take.

* Unique traveling system that focuses on player choices. Choose to restrain or  dominate your enemies along the path while traveling. Each choice puts you further down the path of light or darkness.

* Turn-based combat boss fights planned at the end of the Travel Sequences. (planned for a future patch)

* 20 Travel Sequences areas. (Tentative) 

* Engaging story with deeply developed characters and fantasy world. My passion project for many (many!) years.

* Player choices have an effect on the ending of the story. (limited for now, but open to possibly adding more in late development.)

* Custom music by Cylight Studios. (And many placeholders right now).

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Overall I like it. It took a little to understand the quick time events but I like the concept

Noted! I may not have done a good job explaining it in the tutorial.  I'll have to rework it.  Thank you!